The day after Cinco De Mayo

Kart started out okay.  Acceleration was kinda slow, but it was ok.  For second practice we fixed the screwed up toe and went with my genius sprint car style setup.  We automatically gained tons of traction, and I congratulated myself on a genius setup.  We took 5 pounds of pressure from the left front, and that was all it needed.

In the heat race we started second, and for the start of the race we were fine.  We were battling Davey (Riendeau) EXTREMELY hard on the outside.  But by turn four on the second lap we had faded.  We were back to third and losing ground.  Not a lot, but enough so that two more people passed us.  Its not like we were that bad, just it wasn’t getting off the corners like id like it to, and was sliding up with all four wheels.

For the feature we put on a new right rear, and lowered all tire pressures by ½ pound to 1 full pound.  We also sanded down the clutch, gaining acceleration.  The kart was decent, the best it had been all day. But we started 3rd from last, and that didn’t help.  We immediately moved up two positions, but we were still behind the #38, who was slower then us.  We had a good car, and it stuck pretty much where ever I took it.  But, I couldn’t quite get around the 38, and then he spun. 

I got on the brakes, but got rear ended and ended up hitting the 38 and bending the spindle and bumper.  I didn’t know this at the time though, and the car got a LOT twitchier.  I had to grip the wheel as hard as I could to make sure it didn’t hop lanes.  However, it was still fast.  If I hit my marks, I was gaining on the 09 in front of me.  If I had had 5 more laps I would’ve passed him.  But on the last lap we got passed in 1, got it back in 2, then got passed again by someone else on the frontstretch.  The 48.  It was an absolutely genius pass, as he passed 2 cars coming out of 4.  I seriously need to find out what the trick to that is.  If I had had track position and not wrecked, I could’ve won.  If I had just started in the top 5 I would’ve been fine.  But, I wrecked.  That happens.

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