Coke 100 won. mmhmm. the third time in a row, we won the coke 100 race, the biggest race of the whole year. the kid who won the championship, has only won it once, and we’ve won it 3 times in a row. and we’ve entered it 3 times. so we have never lost the coke 100.

the kart was good in practice, i dont know how fast it was, but it felt good. so we didnt run second practice, because i didnt want to run the motor too much.  had to make sure it lasted the whole 100 laps.

in qualifying, i tried too hard. i raised the air pressure 2 pounds in each of the right side tires. that made the car super twitchy. so when i turned into the corner, the car turned too well, and i lost all my momentum and ran over the curbing. that slowed me down. i qualified ninth, which is good and bad. its the same place i started last year, and i won, and i get to pass a lot of cars getting to the front. i did kinda want that pole position plaque though.

and of course, you already know how the race went. very nice. 

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