Battle for second

Today went a little different from last week. We didn’t have the dominant kart, and from the heat, I am surprised we got top three. Kinda.

In the heat, we were junk. We got damaged on the first lap and it just wouldn’t turn. Least fun kart to drive I’ve ever had at that track. We made some adjustments for the feature, and it helped.

We came from last to second, and had a pretty good battle with the third place kart for it. In the first few laps of the feature, the kart was good. I had good turn in and drive off, but once I got to second, the kart just lost all front end grip. Maybe halfway through I got passed for second, and after a lap I realized I needed to find more grip or I wasn’t going to catch the 26 for 2nd. So I started cutting into the corner early, letting off the gas and keeping the kart only about halfway up the track on the straights. This shorter way around the track made me faster, and surprisingly, I caught the 26 pretty quick. It took me a couple laps to get around him, but after I did, we just cruised. A caution with two laps to go set up a green white checkered finish, and on the restart I tried to burp the throttle and cut underneath the leader. But it didn’t work, and he pulled away. Next week we’ll get him.


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