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Rained out

Monday, May 11th, 2009

May 9, 2009The day started out better then the past couple of weeks. We arrived at the track on time for the first time this season, which made the day somewhat easier. First practice didn’t go so well, as the kart had a reallllll bad chatter. It was so bad that I scraped the backstretch wall. Second practice we made some adjustments to the front end, moving weight to the nose and right front as well as making a LR wedge adjustment. This made the kart better, but still nowhere near a contender. After that, we made a few more adjustments before the race got rained out.

Battle for second

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Today went a little different from last week. We didn’t have the dominant kart, and from the heat, I am surprised we got top three. Kinda.

In the heat, we were junk. We got damaged on the first lap and it just wouldn’t turn. Least fun kart to drive I’ve ever had at that track. We made some adjustments for the feature, and it helped.

We came from last to second, and had a pretty good battle with the third place kart for it. In the first few laps of the feature, the kart was good. I had good turn in and drive off, but once I got to second, the kart just lost all front end grip. Maybe halfway through I got passed for second, and after a lap I realized I needed to find more grip or I wasn’t going to catch the 26 for 2nd. So I started cutting into the corner early, letting off the gas and keeping the kart only about halfway up the track on the straights. This shorter way around the track made me faster, and surprisingly, I caught the 26 pretty quick. It took me a couple laps to get around him, but after I did, we just cruised. A caution with two laps to go set up a green white checkered finish, and on the restart I tried to burp the throttle and cut underneath the leader. But it didn’t work, and he pulled away. Next week we’ll get him.

The 2009 season starts at Route 106 Racepark

Monday, April 27th, 2009

We had just received an animal motor for the 2009 season on Friday, so we had a lot of work to get it in and working before the race Saturday night. We worked all morning Saturday before finally getting it running around 3:00. That means we ended up leaving around 4 after packing the trailer, so we got there right when practices were finishing. Great… new motor, new setup, no practice. Luckily, we had time to look over our setup and make some corrections before the heat, where we had to start 12th (last) because of our late registration. It was a long way to the front from there. But luckily, the kart was handling pretty good and had some nice power. The 42 kart powered into the lead around halfway, and pulled away from there. The feature went well, very uneventful, despite being nervous about the axle falling off due to some missing bolts. Oh well, run what you got, you know? We started first and led every lap, pulling away by a huge margin and catching the tail end of the field by the 4th or 5th lap. Instantly we were lapping karts left and right, before a caution came out, and from there on, we just conserved. Overall – a good way to start the season. Now we need to keep this momentum and build on it. Maybe next week we’ll stay out of trouble and win again, but who knows? We’ll have some fresh Burris tires on and the setup will be better. We’re looking for a loose kart so I can really throw it around this track. I hope to set track records this year. It should be a good year. However, last year we also got off to a good start with a win, but that didn’t run as smoothly. Hopefully since this year we’ll have a more powerful motor, we won’t always be underpowered like last year. That’s already going to help us in huge leaps and bounds. We also will be paying very close attention to the setup of the kart, and not just sort of guessing and letting the driver make up for it on the track. I’d like to see how we can do with a consistently decent kart week in and week out, no matter what track we go to. I’d really like to win the championship in the 5-race series at Route 106 Racepark, as well as finally break through and get a win at Richmond Karting speedway. I feel like we’re close, we just need to run a little stronger and be in a better position at the end. Those are really my goals for this year:

  • Win a championship of some sort at any track
  • Win at Richmond karting speedway
  • Win the Richmond Dash for Cash


As well as the obvious, win every week.