Sponsors of Morsillo Motorsports


Our Latest sponsor is the Howling Wolf Taqueria in Salem MA

Thanks to the Kennedy Clan for your support, driveway, garage, crew chief, and fan club!

Thank you Nicholas D. Morsillo (Grandpa) for getting this venture started with your help for the kart!

Thank you Uncle Leon for your help recovering from last year's blown motor!

Thank you Leslie Morsillo, Esq. for your help with this year's motor and campaign!

Thanks to Mr. S. Flomp for parking!


Morsillo Motorsports is available for those who are willing to make a long term sponsorship commitment to motorsports and a team with a vision. The 2009 year holds a future in additional racing series, offering more exposure and opportunities.

This year alone we've logged more than 3000 miles on New England highways hauling a blank 4' x 8' billboard (otherwise known as "the Hauler"). Put this to work for you next year - getting thousands of impressions. At a race event, we collect hundreds more impressions of family's, kids and a demographic of DIY'ers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Regular, repeated contacts waiting for your business.

Contact us today!